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About us

After 18 years of working for leading skin care brands and spas in Sweden and internationally, I felt that there was a need to professionalize how we work with employees. To begin with, we must see our employees for what they are: Talents. These are the people who will build our industry. Recruiting the right talent is crucial to your company's future. Finding the best talent requires time, commitment and knowledge. You must decide which profile you will have, write an ad, get applicants and conduct interviews. We can help you with this at the same time as we have a developed network of suitable candidates that you can access. We actively work with our candidates to ensure that they are motivated and as committed to your company as you are. So regardless of whether you are a talent or a company looking for talent, you should contact us.




Verona Öström

Founder & CEO

Beauty Talents AB

                                                         "If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you"

Our philosophy

If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you. This is the mindset that pervades our business. We believe that it is by setting high standards, on ourselves and our surroundings, that makes us and everything around us grow.


We take this with us to our work, where we focus on being accurate, flexible and responsive. We know that the best talents are like us, they set high standards. It is when we attract the best talent that we can exceed our clients expectations.

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